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Let's Thatch!

Thatch roof structures have been around for over three centuries. It is an organic product that is grown in the African regions and is known as reed or Thamnochortus insignis.

Thatch Structures

The natural insulation properties of thatch structures not only provide you with beautiful looking aesthetics but it keeps the interior temperatures below 5-10 degrees in summer months and conserves the heat in winter months. The most practical use of thatch roof is that your space is fully insulated and waterproofed.

Since thatching methods have traditionally been passed down from generation to generation, our skilled African thatchers carefully craft each thatch-roof structures as the life span of a thatch roof structure is between 10 and 15 years and prolonged with minor re-brushing every 5 years.

The life expectancy of a thatched roof mainly depends on details of planning and construction of the thatched roof. In low rain regions, the life span of your thatched roof gazebo is more significant as the drier the roof is, the longer it will last.