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Thatch Questions

How long does a thatched roof last in typical conditions?

It can last about 40-60 years, depending on site, condition and angle. The life span of a thatch roof is dependent on several factors. The quality of the grass used, the angle at which the roof is constructed and climatic conditions. Thatch will last far longer in a climate that is either hot and dry or cool and damp. An average life span for the thatch layer under normal climatic conditions.

How long does it take to thatch a roof?

A team of three men under normal working conditions will thatch between seven and ten square meters of surface area per day. E.g. A roof area of 350 m² would take six teams about seven days to thatch.

Do you have any fire retardant process?

Urban Exterior uses two popular methods for fire retardant application. We use a fibreglass fire 'blanket' which can resist temperatures higher than 500 degrees which we is woven into the thatch. We use marshall 8000 fire retardant spray which we spray with high-pressure spray on to the thatch.

Does thatch hold up in coastal storms?

If the roof and especially ridges and gables are constructed and thatched correctly, thatch roofs can withstand severe wind and storm conditions.

Do all thatch roofs go black?

Yes, all thatch roofs do go black. The discolouration is a normal process. Good thatch surface texture blackens more rapidly than poor surface texture due to less exposure of the grass stem.

Why Cape Thatch Reed?

Cape Thatch Reed last so much longer than grass (4xlonger) and is more expensive.