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We Design & Build Artistic Thatched Roofs!

From personal residences to public spaces, roofs are the crowning touch. They complement the design of the architect, highlight the feel of the ambience and emphasize the craftsmanship of the designers. At Arabian Thatchers, we appreciate and emphasize on all these features, which let us create custom and synthesized thatch roof designs engineered for performance as well as aesthetics. We are certified thatch roof constructors and thatch roof material suppliers in Duabi, UAE. We combine form and function together!

Thatch Roofing

Thatching is an old roofing technique that, when done well, results in a weather-resistant, low-maintenance and, above all, beautiful & stunning roof styles. Thatched roofing is a craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, reed or rushes which is used in both tropical and temperate climates. A good quality thatched roof is able to stand up to the worst weather conditions. We deliver quality and excellence with a wide range of clients including homeowners, commercial businesses and local authorities in Dubai and all across UAE.

Why Thatch Roof?

Thatched roofs can add incomparable charm to homes, summer cottages, gatehouses, barns, beach houses, or most any building with a sloped roof, whether it is in a rural, urban, or suburban setting. Thatching is also very effective in commercial settings including restaurants, storefronts, taverns, and retail shops. Even if thatching an entire building doesn’t fit your budget, imagine the charm that an affordable thatched gate house, thatch gazebo, or portico could add to enhance the charm of your exterior!

Recent Projects

Thatch Roof Materials

Roof Thatching involves making bunches of dried reed, straws, rushes, thatching grass or some other type of vegetation; lining them up tightly on a pre-made framework on a roof; and then adding layer upon layer until the entire roof is covered. We import the best quality of natural and synthetic ‘Class A’ thatch roof materials from South Africa and no doubt our thatch roof designers make wonderful African style thatch roofs in Dubai and all over in UAE.

Thatch Roof Structure

Although no special structural considerations are required for thatch, certain architectural features are needed. A roof slope of 45 degrees (12-in-12) is recommended & certain eave and dormer treatments utilize the depth & texture of thatch better than others. It’s important that the roof has enough of a slant so that the vegetation can lead the water from any precipitation off the roof to protect the inner roof. And because the thatch roof materials are densely packed together, they trap air between them and function as insulation. This makes thatch roofing a widespread roofing material in both temperate and tropical climates. Arabian Thatcher is proud to install synthetic thatch that is finest in quality and durability greatly exceeds that of natural thatch without compromising the beautiful, exotic appearance.